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Easy Test is a Simple and intuitive Web Automation Testing tool based on Selenium having almost anything required for testing a website.


With an increasing demand to deliver quality software in lesser time, the need for test automation is growing. Delivering quality software quickly is challenging, and it is important to keep up with client demands to keep them happy and increase your productivity as well as profitability.

When it comes to testing automation, developers have trusted Selenium as the industry standard software for user interface automation testing of Web applications. For developers and testers with experience and skills in programming and scripting, Selenium offers flexibility that is not available in many other test automation tools and frameworks. However, in order to use Selenium effectively, testers must have advanced programming skills and need to spend considerable time to build automation frameworks and libraries necessary for automation. This is the main disadvantage of Selenium, which is addressed in Easy Test.

Easy Test is developed with an aim to simplify web automation testing by lowering the amount of time and effort needed.


✔ No programming is required! Easy Test is simple, intuitive. Anybody can get started with it in no time.

✔ Easy test is based on Selenium. Hence it is powerful, almost anything required for testing a website is available.

✔ Easy Test comes with a feature to suggest all suitable actions based on user selection.

How Easy Test can help you automate Testing?

✔ Regression Testing

If you need to retest already tested application functions that are being carried forward to new versions. This happens in the majority of applications, and an exception is a brand-new application.

✔ Smoke Testing

If you need a quick high-level assessment on the quality of a build and have to make a decision whether or not to proceed on deeper testing.

✔ Static & Repetitive Tests

For automating testing activities which are repetitive in nature, and have remained the same during the course of progressive testing cycles.

✔ Data Driven Testing

For testing application functions in which the same functions have to validated with many different types of inputs or large data sets.

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