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Associated Table or Tables of a Form

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8. How to change the Associated Table or Tables of a Form?

Normally, when the Form is created, table gets associated with the Form. But some- times, there is a need to manually associate the table. The scenarios where such a need occurs are -

1. When the database table name gets altered

2. When the Table is removed from the database.

Note: When database changes occur, you need to reload the Project or Refresh the Project File, only then DB changes will be reflected in the Project File

To Associate Table with a Form, select the Form, and in Properties Tab, select the Associations section, select AssociatedTables property. ClickCollections and enter the table name and click Ok.


Note :

For Table Detail Entry, Table Grid Entry, Single Entry and Search Form, only one table name should be provided. Don't give any spaces before or after the table name.
For Parent Child Detail Entry and Parent Child Grid Entry Forms, two table names need to be provided. You have to provide only one table name in a Line. The first table name provided is considered as Parent table and second table name is considered as Child table.

If the Rules mentioned above are not followed properly, error will be thrown during Form/expression compilation.

For Advanced Search Form and Custom Form, there is no table Association. If any table name is added, an error will be thrown during Form/expression compilation.