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7. Barcodes and QR Codes

To insert a barcode or QR code in a report open a report in the report designer, right click a location on the report. In the popup menu go to Insert and select one of the following options:

  • BarCode EAN-13...
  • BarCode Bookland...
  • QR Code...
  • BarCode39...
  • BarCodeEAN8...

Once the bar code has been inserted select it, right click and select properties. Now set the bar codes value. If you wish to use a field value such as,


You must manually edit the XML by select the RDL Text tab and finding the barcodes CustomReportItem. Once found, you need to move it into either the <List> or <Table> </ReportItems> that is in the report.

See the screenshots below for a visual walk through.

Ø Insert bar code menu option.

Ø Set barcode value. In this screenshot you can see the QR code is having its value set.

Ø This screenshot shows that the QR code value is set to come from a data field on the report. However, before this will work the xml must manually be edited to move the QR code into the List or Table that the data field is a member of.

Ø This screenshot shows the xml before the QR code before the CustomReportItem has been moved into the reports List data.

Ø This screenshot is the xml code after the CustomReportItem has been moved into the reports List ReportItems and can now be run to produce a QR code for each row displayed on the report.