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Copy Form

This option is useful in the Kushal, when you are developing common modules with similar database configuration in different projects, or in a case where the project is divided into modules or many people are creating different Forms or copying existing Forms in the same project. The Copy Form option will help you to copy a Form from one project to another similar project and continue your development activities from that stage of the Form.

To Copy a Form

Click on Copy Form Button.

Copy Form window opens with current Project Forms. You can select multiple forms at a time which you wish to copy.

To open another Project, click on the Open Project Button.

Select a Project File (ERT file). The list gets updated with all the Forms from the selected project.

The selected project is opened along with the provision to view forms of Selected, Current and both the projects together.

Select the required Form in the list, Click on the Copy button.

The Copied Form will get renamed with the concatenation of "Copy" at end of the original Form name.

Ex : BILL>> BILLCopy.

Follow the same steps for copying other Forms.