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Version Control

As soon as Kushal loads a project, it checks the Kushal version with the version mentioned in the project.

Version management in Kushal takes care of updating the project to the latest version.

While an old file gets latest version updates, a project from a version higher than the version of Kushal installed will not be supported. While migrating the project to an updated version, Kushal always maintains a backup of the project along with its details (Version number, .bak extension and the current state of the project) so that user is protected from any loss of data.

For instance, during migration of a project from version 5.12 to 5.13, the following changes are made:

1) A copy of the project in its current state is kept along with its version number

Original file: BILL_APPLICATION.ert

Backup file: BILL_APPLICATION_5.13.ert.bak

2) Upon migrating, additional properties along with default values are set to the project.

Updated file: BILL_APPLICATION.ert