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Generate Code

After you have configured Forms, Menus, etc, you will be able to Generate Project.

Please ensure that you have set proper Visual Studio Version in Preferences

The code will be generated in the folder which is specified in the Project Details Form.

Click Generate Project.

Kushal will check compilation and syntax errors in all Forms.

Once the validation process is over Kushal starts generating code.

After generating the code, a message will be shown, indicating that project generation is complete. You can click Open Folder and run the application or generated source code in Visual Studio.

If you are generating new source code, previously generated code folder ( SRC) will be renamed as SRC 1 and new source code will get generate in SRC folder. (Folder name will get increment by one, i.e. SRC 2, SRC 3, etc. )

Note: Before compiling the project, Kushal will check for possible Errors and Warnings (and pop up a window indicating all the possible issues). If any errors are found in the application, Kushal will not generate source code.

For instance, you might have defined a button with predefined action and if you have not selected predefined action, and then you will not be able to generate the project.

Some more examples of Warnings and Errors:

  • An SQL statement is not set to the Dropdown in the Form.
  • Custom Form not having any controls.
  • A Menu is created but not associated with Forms.
  • External command defined wrongly
  • The report file path is not defined or not able to read permission.
  • The written custom code in expressions is having syntax errors or compilation errors.

When errors are shown, Kushal will also indicate which Form the errors are from. You may open that respective Form and click on Check Error to list all the errors of that particular Form. Before you generate the project, if you run check error in each Form one by one, resolving all the errors before clicking on Generate Project makes the compilation smooth without any hassle.

Select the Form and Click on Check Errors .