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Menu Design
You can add Menu Items to your application and associate those Menus with any Form or External Application.

1. When UserManagement feature is Desabled Menu Definition is as follow.

2. When UserManagement feature is Enabled Menu Definition is as follow.

To open menu configuration window, Click Menu Definition on the ribbon.

Kushal creates some Default Menu items depending on project settings. You can rename it or change the order of Menu Items.

Menu Form has 5 Features

  1. Menu Preview: You can preview Menu as you create or change Menu Items as per your requirements.

  1. Menu Tree: Treeview representation of Menu design.

  1. Menu User Modules: You can Add, Delete or Assign Menu to Module (available only when User Management is explicitly enabled in the Project Details).

  1. Menu Item Properties: You can see Icon, Action Type, Assigned Shortcut, Assigned Value, and Command.

  2. Order Control: Move or Change Menu order Level of Menu Items using buttons.

  1. Button Section: Allows you to assign Forms and execute external commands.

Button Functions





Add Root Menu

You can add Root Menu Items using this button. To add Submenus right click on root Menu Items.



Rename the selected Menu Item



Delete the selected Menu Item



Save Menu Definition



Close Menu definition Window


Application Form

Adds Form Name in application

Right Click Events

Sl. No




Add Separator

Add a Separator in Menu Definition


Add Sub Menu

Add Submenu under any Menu Item


Associate Form

Associate any defined Form to selected Menu Item


Associate External Application

Associate any defined External Application (You can define an external application using Command Parameters).


Remove Association

Remove Form or External Application Association


Assign Icon

Assign Icon to Menu Item


Unassign icon

Remove assigned Icon from Menu Item


Assign Shortcut

Assign Shortcut Key to Menu Item


Unassign Shortcut

Remove assigned Shortcut from Menu Item


Assign / Edit Value

Assign/update input parameter to from or external application.


Remove Value

Remove assigned values



Rename Menu Item



Delete Menu Item



Hide Menu from Displaying at runtime

To Associate Form:

Select Associate Form option on right click panel. Then select an already created Form from the List of Forms window.

To Associate External Application:

Select Associate External Application option on right click panel. Then select the required command from commands window.

To Assign Icon:

Select Associate Assign Icon option on right click panel. Select icon file from the browser.

To Assign Shortcut:

Select Assign Shortcut option on right click panel. Select Key in the dropdown with any special keys.

To Assign / Edit Value:

Select Assign Value option on right click panel. Enter the value which you want to send as a load parameter to Form.

Button Application Forms

You can add Display Name for all the forms included in the application. Also you can set the parameter for the forms if required.

Click on Application Forms.

Click on Generate Automatically to display all the Forms along with their respective display name. The Display name will be the Caption name of the form. It will be fetched from the Caption name of the Form properties.

Click on Group Master.

This will allow you Create a group for the set of forms.

Enter the Group Name in the Group Master.

Select the Group Name and the Form Name. All the Forms associated with the project will be available in the Form Name Dropdown.

Enter the Display name of the form in the Display Name field. Parameter Value can be passed by entering the value in Parameter field.

This property of grouping the forms in Kushal will be helpful while using the User Management feature.

When modules are generated, the group created here can be directly associated with the module. So that all the forms in the group are directly available in it. This avoids associating each form individually to the created module.