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Desktop App Builder Kushal| Search Form

Search Form enables you to create a data search on a selected table with several conditions that filter search results. This form depends on the database table. All associated Form controls are created based on the data type of the field. Data is displayed in a data grid with buttons which are having predefined actions like List, Report, Export, Clear, Close.

Create a Search Form

Click on New Form button.

Select Form type as Search Form.

Select the Table Name.

Select the Primary Key Field.

CheckExclude table name in field names generated in new forms to exclude Table Name.

Click on Create button.

Search Field Selection window appears.

Select the required fields. Kushal will also add a special field called _Anywhere along with all table fields. This field can be used in case you want your end users to search in all the fields of the table.

Click on Right Arrow button.

Click on OK

The selected fields will be added to the Search form.

In Search Form, Kushal takes care of filtering data based on the given conditions by using search controls as well as all conditions for exporting data to excel.