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Desktop App Builder Kushal| Single-Entry Form
Single Entry:

Single Entry Form displays information about only one record of the database table.
When you have only one row of data to be added or updated, then, you have to create the Single Entry Form. This form will represent all fields of the selected table with different types of controls depending on the field's data type in the database table. Buttons which are having predefined actions like Save, Clear, Close are automatically associated with this type of form.

This form will help you to create one-time data entry. For example, when you capture Company Details in the Preferences page, the record will be inserted or updated, but only one copy of the content will be maintained, similar to a database table with just one row.

These forms will not have more than one record.

Create a Single Entry form

Click on New Form button.

Select the Form Type as Single Entry.

Select Table Name in the Dropdown.

Kushal will identify and list the Primary Key Field automatically; you are allowed to select a different Primary Key if the table is having composite primary keys.

CheckExclude table name in field names generated in new forms [Link] to exclude Table Name.

Click on Create button.

Kushal will create the User interface of the Form on the selected Table automatically. Further, you can modify the controls as per your requirement.