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Table-Grid Entry:

Table-Grid Entry form helps you to perform data manipulation on the selected table data grid. This Form will represent data in the data grid by means of buttons for which predefined actions like Delete, Export, Close are set.

In this form, records will get saved automatically when you shift to the next row.

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Note: Kushal expects users to follow database design guidelines for making applications work. For example, the primary key is mandatory for each table.

To create Table-Grid Entry Form

Click on New Form button.

Select Form type as Table-Grid Entry.

Select Table Name from the drop-down. (Drop-down lists all tables from given database details)

Select the Primary Key Field.

Kushal automatically identifies the Primary Key field as defined in the database; however, you can choose a different field as a primary key field. In Kushal Primary key will get auto incremented if it is an integer data type.

CheckExclude table name in field names generated in new forms [Link] to exclude Table Name.

Click on Create button.

If you have the composite primary key in your table, then you can change which primary key has to increment.

When an additional primary key is present in the table, that Primary Key field will be considered as a master field for auto-incrementing primary key field and set as dropdown (associate this control with a SQL to load the list in the Dropdown).

Kushal will create the User interface of the Form on the selected Table automatically. Further, you can modify it as per your requirement.

In the Table-Grid Entry form, Kushal takes care of Input Validation, Auto-Incrementing of Primary Key, Data Manipulating, Deleting the Selected Record, Exporting Data to Excel and other Validations / Checks on the Controls (which is added by you).

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