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Change AssociatedSortField or AssociatedSortFieldChild

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11. How to change AssociatedSortField or AssociatedSortFieldChild?

When Form loads during runtime, the grid is sorted according to primary key field. But if you need to show data sorted according to any different, (like customer name, city), then you can set theAssociatedSortFeild or AssociatedSortFieldChild.

To set AssociatedSortFeild or AssociatedSortFieldChild to a Form, select the Form, and in Properties Tab, select theAssociations section, selectAssociatedSortFeild orAssociatedSortFieldChild property. ClickCollections and enter the Sorting Column Name and click Ok.



1. The AssociatedSortFeild is for Parent Table (Table detail entry, grid entry, parent child detail entry, parent child grid entry) and AssociatedSortFieldChild is for Child Table (Parent child detail entry, Parent child grid entry)

2. In case of Table Detail Entry andGrid Entry Form, the AssociatedSortFieldChild should be blank.