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Change Input Control Type of a Control

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26. How to change Input Control Type of a Control? Why do you need to change the Input Control Type?

Sometimes we may need to change the Control Type of a form control, like make a text box to drop down, Date Time, Decimal, Currency, Numeric etc.

To change the Input Control Type, select the Control on the Form (like Textbox), in Properties Tab, in Misc. Section, in InputControlType Property, choose the required Input Control Type from the types available.

If the Input Control Type has been selected as dropdown, then an SQL Statement needs to be given. To do this, select the SQL Property in Design Section and Enter the SQL Statement for the values that you need to see in the dropdown.

Another Way is, if you don't want to provide an SQL statement, then you can provide the values that appear in the dropdown in Items Property, click Collections, and enter the values there.