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Class View Window

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Class View is shown as part of Solution Explorer as well as in a separate window. The Class View window displays the elements of an application. The upper pane displays namespaces, types, interfaces, enumerations, and classes, and the lower pane displays the members that belong to the type selected in the upper pane. By using this window, you can move to member definitions in the source code (or in the Object Browser if the element is defined outside your solution).

You do not have to compile a project to view its elements in Class View. The window is refreshed as you modify the code in your project.

You can add code to your project by selecting the project node and choosing the Add button to open the Add New Item dialog box. The code is added in a separate file.

If your project is checked in to source code control, every Class View element displays an icon that indicates the source code status of the file. Common source code control commands such as Check Out, Check In, and Get Latest Version are also available on the shortcut menu for the element.

Navigating to Code from Class View

Class View provides several commands for navigating to definitions of symbols and their uses in code (references).

• To navigate to a definition or declaration

§ Double-click the symbol.


Right-click the symbol and then choose either Go To Definition (F12) or Go To Declaration (CTRL+F12). The source file containing the definition or declaration opens in the Code Editor and the insertion point is placed there. If the source file is not available, double-clicking browses to the symbol in Object Browser.

• To browse a definition

Right-click the symbol and choose Browse Definition. Object Browser displays with the symbol selected. Its declaration appears in Description pane.

• To navigate to a reference

Right-click the symbol and choose Go To Reference (SHIFT+F12). The source file containing the reference opens in the Code Editor and the insertion point is placed there.

Note References might not be available for all project types.

• To find a symbol

Right-click the symbol and choose Quick Find Symbol (SHIFT+ALT+F12). This performs a search on the symbol using the options specified in the Find Symbol dialog box and displays the results (definitions and references) in the Find Symbol Results window. For more information on using Find Symbol, see the Find Symbol Dialog Box and Find Symbol Results Window topics.

Class Window for a Project is shown below: