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FAQ - DB App Development RAD Framework

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What is Kushal?
Kushal is a software tool which can develop database application necessiating very little manual coding.

Kushal generates standard UI based on the database you have designed and adds respective code and creates the entire database application project for you. It has other features like integration with ReportViewer redistributable solution from Microsoft, Quick Search form which can all be configured without coding and hence using Kushal you can generate application with very little manual coding in a very short time.

Since the machine generates the code for your application using standard error checks, good quality applications will be generated . The database application testing Cycle becomes very small as a result. It empowers an individual to develop, test and deploy application and reduces communication gap within team members. In case of a very big enterprise applications a small team (that used Kushal for its development efforts) will be able to do what a big team used to do (by manually coding and testing the complete software).
Who can use Kushal?
  • It can be used by software developers who develop database application.
  • Individuals who develop custom applications
  • Colleges
  • Students who want to do projects quickly
  • Computer Advanced Users - It can be also used by people who don't know coding but have strong interest in development. For example those who develop complex work sheets in Excel, database administrators, can use Kushal and develop custom applications.
Kushal also finds uses in Prototyping and Requirement Collection
How to Learn It?
Learning Kushal is just 3 hours Exercise. Complete the Free online demonstration is available on Udemy - Register your name in Udemy, go through Kushal tutorial, get the certification and then download the software. Send your certification and trial license request, we will give you trial and then if you feel, it addresses your requirement, please do buy the complete product and use it forever.
Features currently supported by Kushal C#
  • User friendly UI Design
  • User management
  • Data backup and restore
  • Integration with other applications
  • Support to Version management
  • Query building
  • Works with multiple databases - SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL and MS Access
  • Expression Builder to quickly add custom code
  • Use External application and libraries
  • Importing Data directly from Excel
  • Creating Database Directly from Excel
  • Provision to add - Event based code
  • Security to end applications
How is it different from other Code Generation Tools?
There are several different code generation tools - Some develop code on UML, some-other applications develop base-classes and code-templates. Kushal differentiates itself by developing the complete application.
What are its benefits and why do you need to buy Kushal?
  • Saves Considerable Development, Documentation and Testing Time
  • Develop application with a very small upfront investment
  • Build Reputation by developing Hassle Free, Quality Output within short time which will call for few manual tweaks
It is a must tool for database application development.
What are the Requirements to use Kushal?
  • Visual Studio, 2008 or higher
  • Any one of the database (MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite and MS Access)
  • Computer with Windows Operating System with .Net Framework 3.5 or higher
Why was Kushal developed?
Kushal was created to address 3 fundamental problems in the Software industry:
  • Bigger teams have bigger problems while developing a Software Applications. Although Software development has become simple to get-started it has become complex in terms of business requirements.
  • Focus more on Business Logic
  • A small bug will create a big Problem
How much data can be stored in Applications developed by Kushal ? Is there any limit to how many users it can support ? How much data Kushal application (Developed using Kushal) can handle?
Kushal supports Enterprise Class application. The application developed using Kushal can handle thousands of records of data. Kushal is continuously improving as its developers are coming up with innovative solutions to optimize data-management in several processes it follows. While memory related are issues have been spotted in some PCs with lower RAM and hard-disk configurations, we are continuously in pursuits of solutions for the limiting factors and try our best to handle data with minimal footprint.
How can I install and configure Kushal?
Installing Kushal is Just like Installing any other application. Only additional requirement is a pre-installed Visual Studio Express to read code, a Database that is pre-configured with the right Schema and Free Inno Setup to build Setup once application is designed for shipping.
Is there any training or support available?
Free Support to all Customers during Warranty Period.  There is no additional charges for taking support on Kushal.

Training is completely on Web Based Videos in
How can Kushal improve my business process?
Kushal saves a company money by providing automation of several business processes. Additionally, the modules provided by Kushal for development are already tried and tested in several areas of business. Leveraging the learnings and test capabilities of Kushal can makes an organizations process related activities more efficient.
What technologies does it currently support and which are the ones it doesn't? Does it support web programming? Are Future Versions going to support web Applications?
Currently Kushal generates fully-fledged Windows application using C# and WinForms technology.
What is minimum system requirement ?
Computer with Windows Operating System with .Net Framework 3.5+

1GB Free Disk Space, 2GB+ Ram ( 4 GB is recommended)
How can I try Kushal before purchasing it?
Kushal cannot be purchased without Certification. You  have to download application, Get Certification from Udemy. You have to try trial Version at least for 3 days and only then will you be allowed to purchase it.
Can I use third party controls in Kushal?
Yes - Once the base-code is generated, users can enhance output to any extent.
What kind of support can i get for a reporting need?
Kushal currently supports ReportViewer Redistributable Control provided by Microsoft. For other types of reporting, you will need to implement the reporting need as per your Reporting application.
Which database is most recommended?
  • If cost is the criteria then SQLite/MySQL - Because it is Free
  • If you have already purchased MSSQL then that database is also supported
Is Kushal Free Software?
Kushal is not free. It is free to try for limited Period.

However applications developed by Kushal and hosted in are freely available .
What are the basic technologies to learn, in order to develop applications using Kushal? What other technologies are to use it?
For the development of any Database application, the requirement are the same:
  1. Knowledge of Database
  2. SQL Query
What are its limitations?
We cannot develop all types of applications in Kushal. Kushal is designed to develop only database applications. Most of the database applications have common requirements. They have been studied in detail and Kushal is developed from those learnings. Most of the regular requirements can be developed with very little additional coding using Kushal. Kushal generate 100% editable code for you.

It has limited boundaries - Only database applications can be developed, only available in C# in .Net environment 3.5 and above, and Windows Operating system for Desktop Applications.

It cannot work on all the databases just in one of MS SQL, MySQL, Access or SQLite. It has RDL report support, any other reporting will need to be manually supported.