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Desktop App Builder Kushal| Exclude Table Name

While creating a new Form, you can see a checkbox labeled "Exclude table name in field names generated in new forms", located at the bottom of the New Form window.

Above checkbox option will exclude table name in the control names in the Form created.

For instance, Kushal automatically assigns names to Controls in the following format by default.

Control Type + Table Name + Field Name

Eg: txt_ActivityMaster_ActivityId

The first 3 (txt) characters specify the control type. The next character set holds the table name (cmn_master), and the last character set contains the field name ( Person_Name) as you have provided in a database table.

If you checked the checkbox, then control name is assigned as follows:

Control Type + Field Name

txt_ ActivityId

Note: It has ignored table name in control name. This operation happens to all Controls on the Form created.