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Desktop App Builder Kushal| Project Preferences

In this section, the process of Configuring Project Preferences is explained.

In Preferences, you can set most of the parameters that are specific to your project.

To set Project Preferences, Click the Kushal Start Button and then click Preferences.

In the window that opens, you can set the project preferences.

Default Directory: By default, 'C:\Kushal' is the path where Kushal projects get saved. You may change it to a folder of your choice. Please ensure that you select a folder where you have full permission to create files.


Company Name: Specify Company Name here. This name will appear in all new projects you create in Kushal.

MS Build.exe Path: Kushal reads MSBuild.exe Path of the application. You may change this path in case you happen to have a higher version of Dot Net Framework in use on your machine.

Default Font: By default, Kushal is set with "Segoe UI" as default font and "9.75" as default font size. If you change your font preferences here, the same will be selected as default font throughout the new project.

Reporting Path: Kushal selects default reporting path for the reporting tool MyFYI. You may change this path by selecting "ReportViewer" or any other reporting tool, as the reporting path. Make sure that the selected reporting tool is installed in the machine. You can manually install the tool by navigating to the Program Files directory where Kushal is installed by default.

Raksha Files : Whenever you use Raksha Licensing security for the application, Kushal will automatically copy referencing files and DLLs from Kushal's default directory.

Splash Screen Delay: This is the time delay set to the Initial Splash screen of the application. Enter the time in milliseconds. Splash screen gets displayed whenever a Kushal generated application launches. Subsequently, the application's main form is loaded.

ToolTip Delay: A tooltip is displayed when the mouse cursor is placed on a control after the elapsed time. Set the Time delay (in milliseconds) for the Tooltip here.

Message Box Delay : Time delay (in milliseconds) should be set for auto-closing the message-box used in the application. For example, whenever you save data in the end application, a confirmation message of data saved successfully is shown by a message box, which closes after the elapsed time.

Encryption Key: Encryption Key option secures data in the database as a password does. To change the Encryption key, click on the Generate Button.

Visual Studio Version: Select the version of Visual Studio installed on your machine. Kushal will compile the code using the version you set here.

.Net Framework: Select the version of .NET Framework installed on your machine. Kushal will compile the code using the version you set here. While selecting, you should take into account, the selected MSBuild Path, as well as the Visual Studio version, selected.

Default Date Control : When you create new forms, you can set the default Date field in the forms using the option selected here.

The .NET Framework Date Time Picker in Kushal, enables users to enter date and time, and to display it in a specified format.

ERachana Custom Date Control is an enhanced textbox Control specifically designed to accept a date. Users can type just {15 4 12} to set a date - {15th of April 2012}.

To know more about the Default date controls, click here. [link to 7.Controls]

Backup old source code while generating code: To keep the backup of the old source code, and then proceed to generate the new source code, check this checkbox.

Exclude table name in field names generated in new forms : To exclude the table name in the control names, in the form created, check this checkbox.

Click Save to save your Preferences.