Kushal Tutorials - Document

You have seen how easy it is to create a Contact Management Software using Kushal. The Contact Management Software is just an entry level application; most Database dependent projects will have more complex requirements. Kushal has been built to handle several of such complex requirements. You can have a quick look at features supported by Kushal.

Kushal Features

Database Support
  • Create Databases Quickly by defining fields in Excel
  • Connect to any of the 4pPopular Databases SQLite, Access, MySQL, MS SQL, etc.
  • Instantly build quick quarries.
  • Allows Database Version Management
  • Backup & Restore Feature in End Application
User Interface
Automatically design User Interface by selecting database table which can be further modified if required.
  • Easily design Multilevel Menu
  • Easily apply required validations to Controls.
Quick Business Logic
  • Quickly Develop Import Wizard for Data importing in End application.
  • Include business logic with Expression Editor
  • Free Enterprise Class Reporting Tool
User Level Access
  • Incorporate Workflow within Application
  • Create Applications with User Management
Code Generation
  • The code generated in Kushal follows industry standard
  • Kushal Generates 100% Editable Code
Build & Security
  • Developed applications are ready with Simple Software Security
  • Single Click Build Installation
Kushal finds application in a variety of applications, it can be used in any of the database driven processes like Accounting, Payroll, Taxation, Office Automation Etc.
  • Base code for the application can be developed by those who define the business processes and not necessarily a full-time developer.
  • Kushal enables quick Application Delivery
  • Projects can be completed with Smaller Team Size
Highly Economical
  • Includes inbuilt Reporting Capability
  • Works with Free Databases
  • Writes scripts for free Installer
  • Reduces the necessity to buy third party controls
  • Free Integrated Development Environment
Training, Certification, Try & Buy, Support
  • High-Quality Training Videos will help you to get trained on Kushal Quickly.
  • You can get certified on Kushal by taking courses on www.udemy.com.
  • Get Free Trial for one week. If you are satisfied then Purchase it with One Year free support.
  • Project development generally takes a lot of time, mainly because a lot of manual coding is being done. Kushal automates a lot of manual coding and allows you to just configure items and it will generate all the code required. Thus Kushal develops a quality software within a very short time.
    In Short, Kushal Generate Code depending on the database with the need for very little manual coding.
So, what are you waiting for?  Download Kushal Now.