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Desktop App Builder Kushal| Passing Parameters

Parameter and External Application

Applications may have to sometimes call external applications, plug-ins, etc to continue an activity. Kushal supports configuring parameters to call external applications. For instance, if your application needs to launch the Notepad application in its flow, it can be achieved in Kushal by following the example below.

There are two requirements for calling an application.

Application as the first and parameter(s) is the second.

For example, you may wish to call an External application where you want to pass username as the parameter to that program. Such a facility is supported in Kushal.

To open the Commands and Parameters window, click Commands Parameters on

Main menu ribbon.

The first step is to define the Command and then you can pass defined parameters to it.

To create the new commands, Click Add Button.

Enter Command Name.

Enter the full path of the executable file.

If you need to pass parameters to the executable (.exe) you need to specify that in the parameters option.

Parameter Tab

You can define all the required Parameters in the Parameter Tab.

You can also see the list of Environment Variables.