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If you thought Excel was all about numbers and tables, you know just half of it. Excel is one of the most powerful applications as it allows you to execute complicated calculations and pivot through complex data with the help of formulas and macros.

Harnessing the full potential of Excel, we at ERachana technologies develop Excel based software solutions that cater to your requirements.

One of our popular Excel based software solution is the Excel GST Billing software. MS Excel is one of the most popular and powerful applications all through the history of Computers. It allows you to execute complicated calculations and pivot through complex data with the help of formulas and macros. Many users are well versed with MS Excel and its significance in the accounting field is, in accounting terms, incalculable.

We at ERachana technologies have harnessed the full power of Excel programming and can create Excel based software solutions to cater to your requirements.

Protect your Excel Macros

One of the major challenges in Developing Excel Solution is protecting it. Sometimes the productive worksheets are simply copied away and utilised by others (Mostly by competitors). We can Protect Excel Solutions we develop or help you protect your Excel Macros in an innovative way.

Although Excel is not core programming language, it is so popular that more programs are developed in Excel in comparison to any other programming language (Do a small search about the credibility of Excel Programming)

What is Excel Macro?

A macro is a stored series of commands and functions that enables you to carry out your routine chores faster.

Visual Basic for Application (VBA) is the language using which Marco Programming can be done. If you need to perform repetitive tasks very often as a part of your job, then, make use of macros, as it will facilitate you to do so conveniently. Marcos can help you to greatly extend and save considerable time, while working in Excel.

What are the advantages of VBA Macro in Excel?

You can automate most of the things that you do in Excel using an inbuilt programming language in Excel called Visual Basic for Application.

Advantages of VBA Macro in Excel

Consistent: Excel Macros always executes the task in exactly the same way

Quick: Excel performs the task much faster than you can do it manually

Reduced Possibility of Error: If Macros are written properly, there are hardly any chances of Errors

Share: You can share Excel Macro with others. Even people without having knowledge about Excel Macro can use it.

Why Excel Macro Development to be assigned to freelancers?

It's not a right choice to waste time and a significant amount of money for creating an in-house team, especially when you have an opportunity to start getting the best from your remote team of IT-experts for less.

Enhance Business Productivity and Cut Costs: You can assign programming work to experts and you can focus on your core Business

Faster Delivery: By outsourcing you will be getting solutions faster

Team Size: Your team size need not be increased for getting an automation done. Smaller Team Size always helps. Managing resources is a very big challenge.

What is the Cost of Developing Excel Macro?

There is no standard price for custom excel macro application development. It may range from Rs. 1000 to Few Thousands. Once you share your requirement details, we will be sharing quotation for developing solutions as per your requirement including a time line. It is always recommended that you take quotations from various different companies to ensure that the price you are paying for development is reasonable.