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Find Result Window

Erachana Line

There are two types of find result window where first window is just used to find the elements in the file whereas other find result window is used to find and replace content in the file.

The two Find Results windows display matches found by using the Find in Files or Replace in Files tabs of the Find and Replace dialog. The Result Options command for Find in Files and Replace in Files allows you to choose the Find Results window where any matches found will be listed.

The selected Find Results window opens automatically whenever matches are found. To display a Find Results window manually, click Other Windows on the View menu and then click Find Results 1 or Find Results 2.

To display the code file and jump to the line where a match occurs, double-click any line in the results list. The source file is displayed in the Code Editor with the insertion point placed where the matched text begins. A symbol appears in the indicator margin of the editor to mark the line that includes the match, and the status bar displays its full text.

The first find result window looks like below:

The second find result window like below: