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Creating a Database in Kushal

In the previous Section, you have noted the requirements of Contact Management Application.You will be developing a Database in relation to Contact Management Application in this Section.

Normally, People store contact details in Excel.

When you convert this to Excel Sheet to Database Design, It can be accommodated in 3 different tables,

Contact Master.



Now you can create the required database in Kushal

Since this project is small, you will learn to create a database using SQLite. If your requirement is to develop anapplication in other popular databases like MS Access, SQL CE, My SQL or MS SQL you may use that database. But the whole procedure that you learn here remains almost the same for all the databases.

Traditionally, creating database involves opening the respective Database Application and creatingthe database step by step. But with Kushal, designing a database is very simple. You can use a pre-existing database, or You can newly create a database using a database application or simply define the database field definition in Excel and Kushal will create the database.

In this example, the database definition is entered in Excel as shown. Select SQLite as the database and then select the designated folder. Give Contact_Manager as the SQLite database File Name. Once all these things are defined, and the excel file is selected, Kushal will create the database. Open the database in SQLite interface and browse it.

You can also generate a respective SQL Statement if required by clicking on SQL button.

Database creation with normal techniques takes considerably much longer time than this. This is one small example of how Kushal makes developing database application much simpler.

In the next Section, you will learn How to create a Kushal Project

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