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Desktop App Builder Kushal| Create Installation Script

Create INNO Install Script.

Once you build your application, it can run on your PC instantly. But if you want to distribute your application, then, the application along with supporting files have to be deployed on another machine. To deploy an application, you have to build Installation. There are many softwares, using which installation can be built.

'INNO Install Builder' is most popular among Free Installation builders available. For database applications, simple installation is sufficient to deploy your application. So, it is recommended that you use 'INNO' setup for deploying applications you build using Kushal.

Normally Installation will include Application, Program Specific Files, and Supported program files. Kushal can gather all these files together and can prepare an INNO Setup Script with Single Click.

Click on the Create INNO Installation Script

INNO Script file will be created in the specified folder.

Click Open Folder

If you have installed INNO Setup, Just by right clicking on File, you can select the option to build the Setup / Compile. Otherwise, open the file and click on Run

If you don't have INNO installed on your machine, you may use INNO Download for this purpose.

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