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Generate Application, Documents and Installation Script using Kushal

In the previous Section, you have successfully designed database, created required menus and forms. In this Section, you will learn to generate required output such as generating the application and the installation script

Select 'Generate Project' from Ribbon Menu. Kushal will generate the application in C:\ERachana\Kushal\Contact_Master Directory. Click on 'Click Open Folder' to open the directory where the compiled application is to be created.

Now you can explore how the Application is working

To run the application and select 'Main' - 'Salutation' - the New application will not open up any window as you have not created a new File in the project. Select 'New' from 'File' menu and create a New Project Called 'Sample'.

The application will automatically make a copy of Original Database - 'Contact' with 'Sample. ACN' name and it makes the database ready for making further entries.

Select Salutation Table and make Some Salutation Entries like - Mr, Miss, Doctor Etc.

You can also add new salutations from within this screen and once you add such items and close salutation, you may note that the drop-down box is populated with new entries.

Similarly, select 'Category' menu item and enter some relationships

Now you can open Contact_Master window and make some entries. Note that the application also allows you to Delete or Edit Records.

After you make some entries, you can click Search to open the Search form and check if Search operation happens.

Wow! Congratulations! You have built a fully functional Application now. Further, if you click Tools menu, you can see that the application has inbuilt utilities like Backup, Restore etc. Help Menu also has many automatically generated Items.

Now you have had a preview of how Kushal works.

Next, you will learn how to Create Installation Script.

To Create Installation Script, click on 'Build Installation Script' button.

Kushal will create 'Installation Script' using one of the most popular Installation Software - 'Inno'. If you have installed 'Inno' Software in your Application, then you can Create Deployable Installation, which can be further distributed to install the application on other computers.

In the next Section, you will learn how to Generate Reports from a Kushal Project.

Thank you