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Desktop Application Development Tutorial | Create Database

Kushal Tutorial - Creating a Database

Kushal Tutorial - Creating a Database

In the previous video, you have noted the requirements of Contact Management Application. You will be developing a Database in relation to Contact Management Application in this Section.

Database Design

Normally, People store contact details in Excel.

When you convert this to Database Design, It can be accommodated in 3 different tables,

1. ContactMaster.

2. Salutation.

3. Relationship.

• Contact Master Table will have fields - Salutation, Name, Address, City, Phone Number, and Category.

• Salutation Table will have the field - Salutation Name and will carry data like Mr, Miss, Mrs, Dr, Shri and so on.

• Relationship Table will have the fields - Relationship Name and will carry data like Customer, Vendor, Associate, Employee and so on.

Now you can create the required database.

Create a Database in SQLite

Since this project is small, you will learn to create a database using SQLite. If your requirement is to develop an application in other popular databases like MS Access, SQL CE, My SQL or MS SQL you may use that database. But the whole procedure that you learn here remains almost the same for all the databases.

Traditionally, creating a database involves opening the respective Database Application and creating the database step by step.

In this example, the database definition is entered in Excel as shown. You will learn to Create a database in SQLite.

1) Open 'DB Browser' for SQLite.

2) Click on 'New Database'.

3) Enter the path where you want the database to be stored. Give 'ContactManager' as the SQLite database File Name.

4) Now, create the table, 'Salutation'. Enter table name 'Salutation', add the required fields and datatypes and select properties, to create a table.

The desired table is created. In the same way, you can create all the required tables.

In the next video, you will learn How to create a Kushal Project