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Desktop Application Development Tutorial | Getting Started

Kushal Tutorials - How to Develop a Simple Desktop Application using Kushal?

Thank you very much for deciding to take up a course about Kushal. By taking this course, you will considerably save development time. This course will help you to learn how to Develop a Database Application with minimal Manual Coding.

At the end of this course, you will be able to create an application easily on your own, with minimal coding. You can visit erachana.in and download a trial version of Kushal after registration, and take up this simple course on Developing an Application in Kushal.

We have tried to make this 30 Minute Course informative by taking one very common example. That is, in this tutorial you will be learning how to create a contact management application.

What is Kushal?

• Kushal is an IDE to develop database applications rapidly.

• "Kushal" means "efficient" in the Hindi Language. Using Kushal you can develop database applications efficiently.

• Kushal helps you to develop a database application quickly and smoothly with minimal manual coding.

What will you learn in this course?

In this course, you will learn to develop a database and then use Kushal to design a fully functional database application quickly.

How will this course benefit you or your organization?

Kushal is not just about creating automatic code, it has a broader approach towards database applications.

By taking up this course you will understand concepts related to Software Development Life Cycle and how you can make Business Application Development extremely simple by using Kushal.

By taking this course, you will -

  • Get a Clear Idea of Prerequisites
  • Learn How to get started.
  • Develop an application quickly
  • Get To know the Features offered by Kushal
  • Code maintenance and Kushal Features.

Software Development Cycle & Kushal.

To understand what Kushal is, you can take a look at typical the Software Development Cycle.

Businesses will have some processes to be automated. They will narrate their requirement and software engineers make note of it in the Form of Project Requirement Document. Depending on the requirement, a Database will be designed. Software engineers then do documentation, coding, testing and build Software and Installation Files. All these take a lot of time and then the software is delivered back to business.

Kushal simplifies the application development process and delivers the result quickly.

Course Index

Once you start using Kushal you will be able to develop many complex applications with ease.

In this course, we have 8 sections.

1. Getting Started.

2. Creating a Database.

3. Creating a Kushal Project.

4. Adding Forms and Menus.

5. Generating Output.

6. Generating Reports.

7. Kushal Feature List.

8. Different types of applications developed using Kushal

Requirement Definition.

To understand Kushal we will take one Simple Example of Creating a Contact Database Application. Managing Contact Information of Customers, Vendors, Associates, and Employees is a common requirement.

First, you should define the requirements.

You will learn to create a Simple Database and then develop a Contact Management Application with Kushal.

Objectives of this simple application.

In a contact management software, there are the following requirements.

  • To Store Contact Details.

• To Search and Locate a Contact, Based on Email ID, Phone Number or Relationship.

  • Export Details.
  • Printing Addresses.

In the next Video, you will learn how to create a simple DATABASE in SQLite to develop a Contact Database application using Kushal.

At the end of this course, you will be able to create an application easily on your own, with minimal coding.

You can visit erachana.in and download a trial version of Kushal and also access the many help videos related to Kushal.

Thank you.