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How to use Copy Form

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65. How to use Copy Form?

When we want to use already designed form in any other application, or same application, we can copy that form to our ert file.

To do this, click on Copy Form button, if you are copying a Form from same ERT file, then select the form and click on Copy button.

If you are copying a form from another project, click on Open Project, select the ERT file, you can see the list of Forms. Select the form that you want to copy, and click Copy.

Note : It is possible to copy only one form at a time.

After copying the Form, please make sure that the Associated Tables or Associated Controls and the respective queries need to change or not, depending upon your requirement.

After Copying, Please set once again, the Pre and Post Events once again. Only if added in the previous form. And also, remember to rename the Form.