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Kushal Tutorial | Generate Output in Kushal

Kushal Tutorials - How to generate an output in Kushal?

In the previous videos, you have successfully designed a database and created required forms and menus. In this video, you will learn to generate required output such as generating application and the installation script

Generate C# Source Code in Kushal

1) Click on 'Generate Source Code from Ribbon Menu. Kushal will generate the application in C:\Kushal\Contact_Management Directory.

2) Before generating the code, Kushal will validate the controls and its properties. If any property is missing it will give appropriate warnings.

Generate and Run C# Application

1) Click on 'Open Folder' to open the Source Code from the directory where the compiled application is to be created. Now you can explore how the Application is working.

2) Run the application, Select 'New' from the 'File' menu and create a New File Called 'Sample'.

3) The application will automatically make a copy of the Original Database - 'Contact Management' with 'Sample. ACM' name and it makes the database ready for making further entries.

4) Select Salutation from the menu, and make Some Salutation Entries like - Mr, Miss, Doctor Etc.

5) Similarly, select 'Relationship menu item and enter some relationships.

6) Now you can open the Contact Editor window and make some entries. Observe that the dropdowns contain recently added salutations and relationships. Note that the application also allows you to Delete or Edit Records.

7) After you make some entries, you can click Search to open the Search form and do Search operation.

Wow! Congratulations! You have built a fully functional Application now. Further, if you click Tools menu, you can see that the application has inbuilt utilities like Backup, Restore, etc. Help Menu also has many automatically generated Items.

Now you have had a preview of how Kushal works.

Building Installation

Once you build your application, it can run on your PC instantly. But if you want to distribute your application, then, the application along with supporting files have to be deployed on another machine. To deploy an application, you have to build Installation. There are many softwares, using which installation can be built. ' INNO Install Builder' is most popular among Free Installation builders available. For database applications, simple installation is sufficient to deploy your application. So, it is recommended that you use 'INNO or ISTOOL' setup for deploying applications you build using Kushal.

Next, you will learn how to Create an Installation Script.

How to create an Installation Script?

To Create Installation Script, click on 'Create Inno Installation Script' button.

Kushal will generate 'Installation Script' in the Project Folder. You can add additional details in this file using Inno Script Editor and build the installation.

In the next section, you will learn how to Generate Reports from a Kushal Project.