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Desktop Application Development Tutorial | Kushal Features

Kushal Features - Best RAD Tool for Desktop Applications

In this video, you will learn about the Kushal Features that will accelerate your application development process

Who should Learn Kushal?

First, have a look at Who Should Learn Kushal.

• Those who are into developing database applications.

  • Freelance Database application developers
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Computer or Information Science Students.

Kushal can also be used for Prototyping and Requirement Collection.

Develop 100% editable code in .NET

Kushal develops 100% editable code in C# (. Net Technology) which is the most popular framework for developing Windows Applications in the Client Server environment.

Compiled Code

The Generated code is pre-compiled by Kushal and Visual Studio.

Generate Automatic User Interface with numerous form types

Kushal includes form types which will help you to get automatic User Interface by selecting a table or multiple tables from the Database. And easily you can change it as per your requirement and design standards.

Generate Fully Functional Menus easily

Define fully-functional multi-level Menus in Kushal, including assigning Icons for Menu Items. Also, you can call External applications from the Menu.

Create Useful Reports

Kushal comes with fully functional enterprise-class redistributable ReportViewer Control from Microsoft which is part of Kushal installation and is associated with the default Report Button.

Flexible data Connectivity

Kushal supports most popular databases like MS SQL (Available with Visual Studio), MySQL (Free till version 5.5), SQLite (Free), MS Access (Available with Microsoft Office) and SQLCe.

Generate SQL Quickly

Kushal comes with built-in excellent query builder, you can quickly generate SQL statements visually by dragging tables, fields while developing applications.

Strong Data Validation

Kushal extends property of each control depending on the field type, this helps you to incorporate strong validations for each control defined in the application.

Custom Made Dot net controls

Kushal includes additional .Net Controls. Example: Link control (extended label control) comes with additional URL property, which takes users directly to the respective URL and Numeric Textboxes

Develop enhanced business logics in Expression Editor

Expression Editor module of Kushal allows you to develop business logics easily and quickly, thus mitigating the need for a full-time coding expert, for incorporating business logics.

Quick Data Import

You can configure Excel import in Kushal (Define Excel Templates) to allow users to import data from Excel directly to applications with validations.

User Management in Applications

Kushal allows you to configure modules by enabling user management. Users will be able to access Menu Items depending on roles which are assigned to them.

File Management

When users develop File-based applications or Server-based application, by default Kushal ensures multiple files (project) management or multiple databases capability in the generated application.

Connect External Applications

Kushal allows configuring the external application and passing parameters to those applications. You can access external applications via a menu or button in Kushal.

Generate Business applications with standard application features

The generated solution will have standard product features such as File Management, User Management, Application Protection, Backup, Restore, Help and About Screens.

Secured software

Kushal comes with simple built-in application protection algorithms for end applications. Minor modification in this algorithm will make it unique to your application.

Systematic Version Control

Whenever application enhancements are performed, those database changes are considered in maintaining the Database. Altering the queries in Kushal applications can port the latest database changes to the user files automatically.

Ready to Deploy Solutions

Users can generate Installation Script (Inno Setup Builder - Free Installer) Files from Kushal once a solution file is generated and build deployable setups.

No more dependency on 3rd party controls for developing applications

Most of the features required by DB applications are handled by Kushal effectively, it considerably reduces dependency on 3rd Party Controls to help you save money.

Build Variety of Applications in any Niche

Kushal finds application in a variety of applications, it can be used in any of the database driven processes like Accounting, Payroll, Taxation, Office Automation Etc.

Training Videos Special Trial Offer

The High-Quality Training Videos will help you to get trained on Kushal Quickly. Watch detailed videos which explain how to use Kushal, and develop industry standard applications quickly.

In the next video, you will see the different types of applications developed using Kushal.