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4. Issue Customer Licenses and Follow up Customers

Once all masters are configured, Customers can be added and Product Licenses can be issued to them.

When customers are registered successfully by clicking the registration link provided in email, their details are automatically added to the customer database in the server, based on the details provided during registration. If the customer needs to be followed up, or follow up is already done, the details are updated in Follow Up Details Tab. The names of the Products downloaded by the customer are seen in Download Details Tab. If the customer wishes to purchase any product, a card is generated and assigned to the customer and Bill details for the product purchased are added in Bill details Tab. Customer Follow up can be done and the details can be entered, and future follow up details can be also entered in Follow up details.

View/Enter Customer Details

When customers register by clicking the link in email, and their registration is successful, the details are automatically added to a database in the server. The details of the customers can be seen in Customer Details window.

To View/Enter Customer details, in Customer License menu, select Customer Details.

You can see the list of customers in the grid. Select any customer and you can see his details in the window.

You can also enter customer details manually - likeCustomer Name, Address,Place, State, Country,IP Address and contact details likeEmail Id, Contact Name andPhone Number. Click Update and then click Save.

View Customer History

Customer History of purchases, licenses, downloads or support can be seen by clicking the History button in Customer Details window.

To view customer history, click History button in Customer details.

In the window that opens, customer history is seen in various tabs.

You can see the customer System Details like System Name,Disk Name and Created date in SystemDetails Tab.

If any Cards are added, the Card No.,Status and Created Date can be seen in Card Details Tab.

Bills added for the Products Purchased by the customer can be seen in Bill Details Tab.

Customer Follow up history is seen in Follow up Details Tab. Here you can see if any future follow ups are to be done and the respective date.

The details of Products downloaded by the customer can be seen in Download Details Tab.

Any comments or suggestions on the Products can be seen in Comments Tab.

Enter Customer Bills

To add customer Bills for the products Purchased, in Customer License, select Bill Details.

In the window that opens, enter Bill No., SelectCustomer Name and enter Bill Date,Expiry Date and BillAmount. Click Save.

Follow up Customers

To add CustomerFollow Up details, select Follow up details in Customer License menu.

In the window that opens, select Customer Name.

Enter Customer Email,Contact Person's Name. SelectProduct Name and Follow up By. EnterFollow up Date. Select Activity andNext Activity to be done. EnterNext Activity Date and selectNext Follow up By. Select Source,Assigned by and enter Assigned Date,Status. Enter CustomerFeedback and UserRemarks. Click Save.

Follow up Search

In Reports menu, click Follow up Search.

In the window that opens, select Follow up Date,Email Id, Product Name,Customer Name, Assigned By,Next Activity or any other search criteria and click List.

The list of follow ups based on the criteria selected is shown in the grid. These details can be exported to excel file.