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5. Send Emails

In Suraksha, Emails can be sent to communicate with customers to convey information.

In order to send an email, the Email Server has to be configured. An Email template can be created if same email will be sent to many people. Then email can be sent individually or to many by using template.

Configure Email Server and Email Id

Before sending emails, an email server should be configured.

To configure email server, in Email menu, click Configure and then click Configure Server .

In the window that opens, enter Server Name,SMTP Name and Port Number and select SSL status. Click Save.

Next, configure email id.
To configure email id, in Email menu, clickConfigure and then click Configure Email Id.

In the window that opens, select Server. EnterEmail Id, Password and Signature and click Save.

Create Email Templates

Email Templates need to be created if same messages or responses are to be sent to clients often.

To create email template, in Email menu, select EmailTemplates.

In the window that opens, select Product Name and License Type.

Enter Template Name, Subject,Content Header, Content Body and Content Footer.

You can add an attachment to your email by clicking Open, selecting the Path of attachment file and click Update. Click Save to save the template.

Send Emails

Once the email id is configured and email template is created, you can send email easily to your clients.

To send emails, in Email menu, click Send Email.

In the window that opens, select From email id, and enterTo email id. Enter BCC andCC if required. Enter Subject andMessage. Add attachment if needed. Click Send.

You can see the list of sent emails in Sent Email in Email Menu.