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2. Installation and Configuring the Database

In order to use Suraksha, first download the setup from ERachana website and install it. Once installed, you should configure Suraksha with a database. Once the database is configured, you can log in to Suraksha, and use the database, by providing proper login credentials.

To Install SuRaksha CRM

The SuRaksha CRM Application can be installed in the same way as any other standard windows application.

SuRaksha CRM can be downloaded from the ERachana Website

After Registering to our ERachana Technologies website you will get a verification E-Mail. Once you verify, you can login again and download the Suraksha CRM Software. Click on "Downloads", click on " Suraksha CRM" and Download.

After getting the message "The Suraksha CRM software has been downloaded". Double click on setup file, Click Yes, Click Next, if you want to save the application in different drive, click Browse and select the path where you want to save. Here we will be saving it in C drive. Click Next, Click Yes, Click Next, Click Install, Click Finish.

Once you have installed the application, you will notice a new Icon on your desktop called Suraksha. Double click on this icon and the software is ready to use.

To Configure a Database

In Databases menu, select ConfiguringDatabases.

In the window that opens, enter Database Details inConfigure Database form. EnterDescription, Server Name,Database Name, User name and Password. Click Save

To Login into SuRaksha

Click Login.

Enter Login details like Company, Username and Password and then click Login. You are now logged into your selected database.