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Override Advanced Search Form

Erachana Line

57. How to use or Override Advanced Search Form?

Many times, you may need to customise the appearance of the search form.


1. Cant use query ending with Order By in Advanced Search Form (Kushal Limitation)

2. When you want to use your own type of controls on the form, other than the default search form controls, like radio button panel.

3. And any such conditions.

During such and many other cases, you need to create an advance search form and add desired custom controls on it, then associate the controls, and also write code for working of the controls in the form of relevant expressions.

Example - GST Billing Party Master Search Form.

Kushal Helper functions in Advance Search Form

GetFilter(), GetAnywhereFilter()

These functions will return condition strings from the associated columns as below:

"PartyName='abc' and GSTApplicable=1" (From GetFilter())

"PartyName like '%abc%' and GSTApplicable like %1%" (From GetAnywhereFilter())