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Build Query

Query Builder allows you to build complex SQL queries as well as to parse or analyze SQL queries and represent them visually. This creates the SQL query automatically. Also, you can view the query results within Kushal.

Click on Build Query under Tools menu.

On the Right side of the window, all tables of the Current Database will be listed.

The Query Structure Tree represents the query structure in the compact tree-like form. By using it, you can jump to any Union, Sub-query, Derived table or CTE (Common Table Expression) and to any part of the query with a single mouse click.

To build a query visually, drag some database objects from the Database Schema Tree to the Design Pane.

Joins between objects will be created automatically according to the foreign keys defined in the database, but you can create them directly by dragging a field of one database object to a field of another object.

To define the sorting of the result dataset, you can use the Sort Type and Sort Order columns of the Columns Pane.

To define any Aggregate function to fields, you can use standard built- in Aggregate Functions.

To build a query with grouping, you mark the expressions for grouping with the Grouping checkbox.

To define the criteria, you can use the "Criteria for" and all of the rows or columns of the Columns Pane.

The Query will be generated in the following manner.

Click Execute.

The Result will be displayed in the Result Window.

Click Copy To Clipboard to copy the query into any clipboard for further references.

For further information about the Query Builder visit this page