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Shortcut Keys

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Shortcut Keys: A special key combination that causes a specific command to be executed.

Following are the Shortcut Keys which are used while coding in visual studio:

Ctrl + K + D: To align the code.

Ctrl + K + C: To comment

Ctrl + K + U: To Remove the comments

Ctrl + F : Quick Find

Ctrl + H: Quick Replace

Ctrl + Shift + F: Find in Files

Ctrl + Shift + H: Replace in Files

Ctrl + Alt + L : To open Solution Explorer

Ctrl + Alt + S : To open Server Explorer

Ctrl + \ + S: To open SQL Server Object Explorer

Ctrl + Shift + A: Add New item

Shift + Alt + A: Add Existing Item

Ctrl + Shift + B : To build Solution

Alt + F11 : To run code Analysis on Solution

F5 : To start debugging

Ctrl + F5 : To start without debugging

F11:Step Into

F10:Step Over

Ctrl + B : To insert breakpoint the function