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Type of Form in New Form Dialog Box

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4. When to use which type of Form in New Form Dialog Box?

To learn this concept, open the Sample ERT file 'SampleApp.ert' in Kushal.

(Sample ERT File is available In Kushal Installation Folder i.e. C:\Kushal\Samples or By click on Sample Menu)

Here, click Forms button on the ribbon.

In the Forms tab, you can see the sample Forms mentioned for each type, as an example.

Table Detail Entry - Cmn_Customer

Table grid entry - "Cmn_Category"

Parent child detail entry - "Sal_Bill_Master_Sal_Bill_Details"

Parent child grid entry - "Sal_Receipt"

Single entry - "Cmn_Company"

Search Form - "Search_Cmn_Item"

Advance Search Form - "Search_Outstanding"

Custom Form - "Customer_History"

For more information on how to create each of these Forms, you can check out this link