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User Management

If user management is enabled in your Kushal Project, then User management menu gets created in output, which will have the complete functionality required to maintain users and their permission.

Admin user will be created by default, and once admin logs in, he will be able to create users and their permission restrictions.

To Create New Users -

Click User Management

Click Manage Users

By Default, a role called Administrator is created in the designed application with the following details -

To create a New User, Click New.

Enter the details of the user.

If you create users and if those users are to be stopped for further usage, then in 'User Management' users can be made ' Not Active'.

If User is having the same role asAdministrator then click on the Is Administrator option.

Users without administrator permission will not have access to User Management.

Click Save.

You can see the added User in the Grid.

Create the Roles- Role Master

This screen is to add different Roles in Role Master Form.

Form Role Mapping

This screen is to map the forms to each role. The application will have as many forms as you have defined in Kushal application. An Admin can assign the forms to each form, restricting access to specific forms based on the application requirement.

Assign the roles To Users

The application will have as many modules as you have defined in Kushal application. An Admin can assign the roles to each user, restricting access to specific modules based on the application requirement.

Click on Manage User Roles

Select the User Name.

Then Click the checkboxes to assign the Permissions for the modules.

Click Save to save permissions of the User.

You will get a confirmation message.

Note: When User Management is enabled, the application will ask the User Name and Password while logging into the application. Depending on the permission a user will be able to open only the Forms to which the Admin has granted access.

Change Password

Click on Change Password Menu opens below form. This screen is used when the user wants to change the logging password.