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Baadal Tutorial | Applications Developed in Baadal

In this section, you will see some applications developed using Baadal.

"Baadal", a Rapid Application Development Framework for developing MVC Architecture based .Net Web Applications. Using Baadal you can save more than 50% of development time while developing business Applications.

Also, since Baadal generates 100% editable code, you are free to modify it as per your requirements.

Let us see some of the Web applications developed using Baadal.

Workflow Management Solution for a Tax Consultant Company

The first is a Tailor-Made Workflow Management Solution for a Tax Consultant Company.

Easy Compliance is a web-based workflow management solution for service providers to achieve systematic statutory compliance. Featuring simplistic client collaboration with secure document uploads, you can easily streamline your practice and have organized control over your stages of return filing.

This application developed using Baadal, features User Management, Approval Routing, Document Uploads, MIS Reports, and Email Notification.

With this application, the client is able to reduce data entry errors, manage document storage easily, save communication time and drastically reduce paper usage.

Project Tracking System

Another application is the Project Tracking System, an effective project management tool for scheduling & managing projects smartly by tracking project status, resource utilization, and recording expenses.

This software has enabled the client - an Engineering Consultant Firm, to achieve ample visibility over different stages of project management, integrated different processes, provided Cost Analysis and generated MIS Reports.

This Easy to Use Industry Specific Solution developed using Baadal, features User Management, Team Creation and Task Allotment, Project Task Time Tracking, Attachments and Email Communication.

Some more Applications developed in Baadal

Some more applications developed in Baadal and further enhanced, are

• An Office Expense Tracking Software and role-based approval routing system consisting of a web and mobile application that can be used to effectively handle Financial Transactions in any organization.

Lead Management application, consisting of a desktop application, web, and a mobile tool, to help your business track and manage leads of prospective customers and optimize the sales process for better results.

Cheque book manager - a Smart and Easy Solution designed to store details of Cheques of any Bank and Print on them easily.

Leave manager- A simple Leave management software for small organizations to track Employee Leaves and Approvals

Bug Tracker - A simple and cost-effective web-based bug tracking tool that helps to track bugs in software applications in an organized way.

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