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Learn to Develop Web Applications | Baadal Features

From the previous sections, you have learned how easy it is to create a Contact Management Software using Baadal. The Contact Management Software is just an entry-level application; most Database dependent projects will have more complex requirements. Baadal has been built to handle several such complex requirements.

First, Let us have a look at Who Should Learn Baadal.

Who should learn Baadal?

• Those who are into developing web-based database applications.

• Freelance Database application developers

  • Small and Medium Enterprises

• Computer or Information Science Students.

Baadal can also be used for Prototyping and Requirement Collection.

You can have a quick look at features supported by Baadal.

Baadal Features

Predefined UI Templates

Baadal Development Environment comes with UI Razor View(HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery-JavaScript) templates, to jumpstart your development for common UI scenarios. You can directly include them to create Web Forms for similar scenarios, which are adjustable for a different set of screen sizes including Mobile and Tab screens because of the Bootstrap base.

Applications with Consistent Look and Feel

Company Branding with consistent look and feel between applications designed from Baadal is possible. With a completely customizable solution from Baadal, you can build a set of styles (with Custom css files) for the controls adhering to a common look and easily apply these styles (with Global css files maintained) through a single property. You will currently have a built-in theme, to begin with.

Native UI and performance

Make the most of the distinctive benefits of the native UI while utilizing all objects and properties in C# required for Web Browser like cookies, session variables, etc. Baadal RAD Framework offers fast loading, excellent UI Design capabilities, and pixel-perfection in the display.

Generate Queries Quickly

Baadal comes with built-in excellent query builder, using which you can quickly generate SQL statements visually by dragging tables, fields while developing applications. Further, you can convert SQL to Linq with limited functionalities.

Develop enhanced business logic in ASP Editor

ASP Editor module of Baadal allows you to develop business logics easily and quickly

Fully Customised Source Code

Since Baadal generates 100% editable code including the config files and Edmx file prepared by Entity Framework 6, you have the liberty to modify it. Also, you have the option to modify third-party packages. This can be used to manage, develop and deploy enterprise-grade end-to-end business applications

Build Standard Applications

When you build applications in Baadal, you get applications with tried and tested code. Not only your development becomes fast, but also, the possibility of errors is considerably reduced and hence maintenance becomes easier and delivers better productivity.

User Level Access

Create applications with multiple roles and permissions. Baadal allows you to configure roles by enabling user management. Users will be able to access Menu Items depending on permission to the pages and login credentials assigned to them.

Reduce Development Cost and Time

With most of the development being done automatically, Baadal helps you develop applications with a lean team, avoid communication gaps and bring out quality applications within a short span of time with a smaller team, and enables quick application delivery.

Build Variety of Applications in any Domain

Baadal finds application in a variety of applications, it can be used in any of the database driven processes like Accounting, Payroll, Taxation, Process Flow Management, Office Automation Etc.

Training Videos Special Trial Offer

The High-Quality Training Videos will help you to get trained on Baadal Quickly. Watch detailed help videos which explain how to use Baadal, and develop industry standard applications quickly.

In the next section, you can see the different types of applications developed using Baadal.