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Learn to Develop Web Applications | Create Project

In the previous Section, you have seen how to create a Database for the Baadal Application

You will be developing a Contact Management Application in this Section.

Prerequisites to create a Baadal Application

Before you design the Project, have a look at the prerequisites.

You need to ensure the following things are ready before you start developing an application in Baadal.

• .Net Frame Work 4.0 or higher installed on your system.

  • MS SQL Server Database System
  • Visual Studio 2013 or Higher

Baadal will generate the code in Visual Studio. Output program will be C # code.

Assuming that you have installed all the required applications, now you can proceed to create a new project.

How to create a new Baadal Project and connect a database?

Create a new project and provide Display name - Contact Management. Please note that the display name can have spaces while the Project Name cannot. Provide Contact_Management as Project name.

Define the Company Name of your choice.

Keep Version Number as

The project gets created in C:\ERachana\Baadal Folder. Please note that Baadal will create a subfolder with name Contact_Management as that is the Project Name.

Save the Project.

While saving a project, the Data Models for the defined database will be automatically generated. If the database is updated at any point of time, you just need to click "Update Data Models" button in the ribbon, which will update the project data models.

Also, a certain set of User Management database tables will be automatically added to the connected database.

In the next section, you will learn to design Formsand menus in the Application.