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Learn to Develop Web Applications | Generate Solution

In the previous Section, you have successfully designed a database, created required forms and menus.

In this Section, you will learn to generate the required outputs like generating the application, and Reports.

How to generate a solution in Baadal Project?

Generating the Project is simple. If there is an update in the database, then the data models have to be updated. Click on UPDATE DATA Models in the ribbon to update edmx.

Next, generate the project.

Select "Generate Project" from the Ribbon Menu. Baadal will generate the application in C:\ERachana\Baadal\Contact_Master Directory. Click on "Open Folder" to open the directory where the compiled application is to be created.

Open the solution file, that is, the dot SLN file, and execute it. The web application opens in the visual studio, then run the solution

By default generated application is connected to design database.

Initially, a predefined admin user is already created with credentials " Username:, with password admin@123)

Enter the credentials to log in. Once you have logged in as admin, you may create other users and grant specific permissions.

Further, if you click the User Management menu, you can see that the application has inbuilt utilities for User management and Profile.

Now that you have built an application, you can enhance it by modifying views or adding reporting capabilities.

Modification of views or form design

Once the project is generated, the respective views will be generated similar to the forms designed in Baadal. If you need to modify the design of the view, you can do that in the dot cshtml view files. You can find these files in the views folder.

Reporting in Baadal

Reporting is one of the main components of any database application. After all, most of the applications are built ultimately to obtain timely reports. The report not only includes pdf files and excel reports but also a representation of live data using Graphs and Charts.

The output solution generated by Baadal is compatible with many reporting tools. Some of those reporting tools are Google Charts and Graphs, iTextSharp to generate report document, Excel Reports, HTML Templates, etc.

Baadal generated solution comes with an excel report generating option, where you can download or export the required data into an editable excel file.

You can enhance your application's reporting capabilities by using iTextSharp, an advanced tool library to create documents and reports. Using the data from your database application, you can design a report or create pdf documents.

You can also use predefined HTML Templates for generating the reports.

You can display live data on your site with the powerful, and simple to use, free charting tools such as Google Charts, where the Google visualization code can be used to obtain the reports in the forms of graphs and charts.

Wow! Congratulations! You have built a fully functional web Application now and you have also learnt how you can enhance your application by modifying views, or add reporting and charting capabilities.

Now you have had a preview of how Baadal works.

In the next Sections, you will see how to host a Baadal Solution and different types of applications which are created in Baadal.