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Learn to Develop Web Applications | Hosting Website

How to host a web application?

For this, you require a windows server where a web application can be hosted.

The solution that is generated from Baadal is a flexible solution which can be hosted in a web server where you manually have to copy the published files and You can as well host it on high end dedicated servers such as Azure Server, Amazon Servers, etc. Where in you can directly publish the folder into the dedicated servers with the following regular procedure.

In this video, we will demonstrate the steps required in hosting a web application in a Web Server

In the web server, first, create a site of the required name e.g. "" and link a physical directory from where the files and folders that are required for the application, is to be loaded.

Provide appropriate permissions to the directory, that is required for accessing the file and folders from the directory.

Right click on the main solution in Visual studio solution explorer and click on Publish option, which will publish the files and folders with certain steps to choose the directory where the files and folders must be published which is required to host a project.

Once the required files and folders are published, copy those files and folders to the directory in the web server and run the application

In the next section, you will see some of the applications created using Baadal.