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Learn to Develop Web Applications | Introduction

Why should you choose Baadal to develop Web Applications?

Are you a business application developer? Do you want to develop a web-based application quickly and systematically? Are you considering automating your software development process? Then Baadal is the answer to your questions.

MVC architecture is the preferred choice for developing web applications using C#. When you develop web applications, you might have observed that it takes a lot of time to do a project from scratch, because you will be doing similar things in multiple places, within the same project. Do you get bored doing the same task again while developing business applications? Then you should consider adopting Baadal to develop web applications.

Baadal is a rapid application development framework, using which you can easily develop web applications with minimal coding.

By taking this course, you will learn to develop applications quickly and find out how to save development time considerably.

How will Baadal Tutorial benefit you?

In this course, you will learn

a) How you can directly generate web forms from your database design?

b) How to quickly build Menus and link them to the respective Forms?

c) How to generate Automated Code for the web application using in Baadal?

d) How to host the solution?

e) How you can use Baadal's capabilities to develop different types of business applications?

At the end of this course, you will be able to create a fully functional web application easily on your own.

This course will help

• Those who are into developing database applications for the web.

  • Freelance Database application developers

• Computer Science or Information Science Students.

  • Software Development Companies

Baadal can also be used for Prototyping Business Applications in record time.

Baadal is suitable for creating web applications. If you looking for a tool to automate Desktop application development, please refer to 'Kushal' tutorial. Using Kushal, you can develop a Desktop Application Similar to the way you develop a Web application using Baadal.

Baadal is developed by team members who have developed 100s of Business Applications which are running on thousands of computers.

Take the 30-minute tutorial and understand how quickly you can develop Web applications.