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Baadal RAD Framework |Form-Wise Control Properties

Set Form Wise Control Property:

To change the Properties of the controls through a single screen, Click on Set Control Properties. This helps the user to reduce the time spent in setting the properties of each control one by one. (Normally, to set common control properties, the user selects each of the controls and then changes the property one by one).

 Set Form-wise Control Properties

When Set Control Properties button is clicked, the control information screen is opened. All the forms associated with the project will be displayed as shown.

Select a form whose control property has to be changed.

 Set Form-wise Control Properties

The Control name along with all the Properties will be displayed in the Show Columns grid.

All Common Properties like Font, Position, Tab Index, Visibility, Enable, etc. will be displayed as shown in the above screenshot.

Do the required Control Property changes and click on Set Button. The properties will be set to the respective controls.