Easy Licensing, Seamless CRM

SuRaksha CRM is a License Management and CRM application to track user registrations, product licenses and Customer Relationship Management Tasks.

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Features of SurakshaCRM

Erachana Line
Monitor registrations and product downloads, issue licenses of different types and manage customer follow-ups.

Track New User Registrations

Update new user Database when users register into your website, you can store their details for further follow-ups.

Track Product Downloads

Using Suraksha CRM, you can track all the users who have downloaded your software products. You can follow up with them and guide them about your products and encourage them to purchase a commercial license.

Track Customer Licenses & Renewals

Monitor registrations, product downloads, and manage your product licenses by keeping track of the license details like for which product the license was issued, the type of license issued, license issue date and expiry date, and renewal dates.

Issue License Renewals

Renew Licenses in minutes and keep track of expiring licenses. With email notifications, send timely reminders to your customers encouraging them to renew licenses.

Efficient Customer Relationship Management

Track Customer Follow-ups and Follow- up History easily, With the help of CRM feature, you can easily prioritize follow-ups, get information on follow up history and deal with such communication in a smooth manner.

Stress-Free Licensing and CRM

Erachana Line


Monitor new user registrations in your website to help you follow-up leads.

Issue Licenses

Issue periodic product licenses according to your product specifications.


Manage customer relationships efficiently with timely follow-up tracking.


Secure user management with Role-based access for different users.


Communicate with your software users for registrations, downloads purchases or renewal reminders.


Get useful reports for daily follow-up tasks, renewals or product-wise purchase reports.

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