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Rapid Application Development | Baadal

Baadal - RAD Framework
for Developing Web Apps in .Net

Baadal is a RAD Framework for Web Application Development in C#.NET using which, you can build Business Applications quickly.

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Baadal - RAD Framework for Developing Web Apps in .Net

Baadal is a Business Application Development Environment used for building Web Applications Quickly. Baadal is the simplest way to create business database applications for the web considering an entire software development life cycle. With Baadal, you can quickly build business applications for multiple requirements.

Benefits of Baadal

Easy Customization
Build Quick high-performance, cost-effective applications easily.
Accelerate Development
Develop applications faster than your competing companies.
Save Money
Reduce development costs − Development, Testing, Building Installation & Documentation.
Avoid communication gap
Develop an application with a smaller team to avoid a communication gap and Improved Quality.
Easy Maintenance
Maintenance of application becomes simple as you need to look into an only manually coded portion of the application.
Consistent Applications
Develop industry-standard consistent applications both in look and feel and behaviour.

Key Features of Baadal


Predefined UI Templates

Baadal Development Environment comes with UI Razor View(HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery-JavaScript) templates, to jumpstart your development for common UI scenarios. You can directly include them to create Web Forms for similar scenarios, which are adjustable for a different set of screen sizes including Mobile and Tab screens because of the Bootstrap base.

Applications with Consistent Look and Feel

Company Branding with consistent look and feel between applications designed from Baadal is possible. With a completely customizable solution from Baadal, Users can build a set of styles (with Custom .css files) for the controls adhering to a common look and easily apply these styles (with Global .css files maintained) through a single property. We currently offer a built-in theme, to begin with.


Native UI and Performance

Make the most of the distinctive benefits of the native UI while utilizing all objects and properties in C#required for Web Browser like cookies, session variables, etc. Baadal RAD Framework offers fast loading, excellent UI Design capabilities, and pixel-perfection in the display.

Fully Customised Source Code

Since Baadal generates 100% editable code including the config files and.Edmx file prepared by Entity Framework6, you have the liberty to modify it. This can be used to manage, develop and deploy enterprise-grade end-to-end business applications


Build Standard Applications

When you build applications in Baadal, you get Industry-standard applications with tried and tested code. Not only your development is fast, but the possibility of errors is also considerably reduced and hence maintenance becomes easier. to ensure better productivity.

Reduce Development Cost and Time

With most of the development being done automatically, Baadal helps you develop applications with a lean team, avoid communication gaps and bring out quality applications within a short span of time with a smaller team.

Applications Developed using Baadal

We have developed versatile Web Business Applications with the rich capabilities of Baadal, and they are being used by multiple businesses for different domains document management, project management, payroll, lead management, etc. These sample applications demonstrate the capabilities of Baadal. Login and Test the Applications to get a first-hand experience of what Baadal can do for you.

Project Tracking System

Easy Compliance

Office Expense Manager

Lead Manager

Project Details Manager

How you can build a Web Application Quickly with Baadal?

With Baadal, you can generate complete web applications with minimal manual coding.
If you have your database designed, and ready, built-in MS SQL Server, developing a web application in Baadal is a breeze. Within a short time, you can build your desired web application, and what's more, Baadal generates a completely customizable solution, which you can enhance according to your requirements.

Create your Project

With the database ready, you can create a new project from scratch, connect it to the database and begin designing it.

Build UI

Once the Database is successfully connected, you can build the UI. With quick and easy built-in form designer templates, you can quickly build forms and resources to create modern UI with a rich look and feel. You can generate forms for each table, or a combination of tables, and configure automatically generated controls along with defining strong validations.

Include Business Logic

Baadal comes with strong Expression builder using which most of the events related to controls can be configured as Properties and Business logic related code will be generated during output. With Baadal's built-in query builder, you can visually create queries from your database and convert them.

Design Menu

With the rich and flexible menu definition tool, you can build user-friendly menus, and assign them to desired forms.

User Management

One of the Key features of Baadal is User Management, using which you can provide role-based access to users. Without much coding, you can create applications having multiple roles and permissions.

Customisable Code

The customizable solution allows you to trigger an unlimited number of actions associated with controls, like sending Emails, 3rd party integrations, authentication and more.

Build Standard Applications

Applications developed in Baadal are industry-standard products, with most essential features in terms of workflow, look and feel, version control, etc.

Deploy Easily

Baadal generates organized solution output, and once you complete development and coding, you can quickly host and deploy your applications in your desired hosting and domain.

Automated Web Application Testing with Easy Test

With Baadal, you can generate complete web applications with minimal manual coding.
Simplify web automation testing by lowering the amount of time and effort needed with Easy Test.Easy Test is a simple and intuitive Web Automation Testing tool based on Selenium having almost anything required for testing a website using which you can achieve testing automation for timely deliveries.

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